Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Germany and Japan Increasing Hegemony

     Germany and Japan together are currently engaged in actions that are increasing their regional and worldwide hegemonic control. These actions include the use of their economies and national companies; diplomatic relations, treaties, alliances, and involvement in international and multinational organizations; and their militaries.
     Germany and Japan together are increasing their joint regional hegemonic control in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Both together are working to gain overall world hegemonic control . Economically, both nations together are using debt; trade involving their national companies, and foreign investment to gain increasing power and control over other nations and their economies. Politically, both nations together are using diplomatic relations, international and regional alliances, treaties and agreements and their involvement in international and multinational organizations to gain increasing power and control over other nations and their governments. Militarily, they are using their status as nations in military alliances and partnerships with other nations to gain increasing military involvement and control worldwide. In terms of scientific and technological research being done worldwide at universities, corporations, institutes and in various governments, they are gaining increasing hegemonic control over research and experimentation that has offensive uses.
                                                    ECONOMIC HEGEMONY POSTS

                  1.  National-and-Global-Debt-Crisis
                  2. Currency Manipulations Being Used to Harm Countries
                  3. Deutsche BorseTakeover of NYSE
                  4. Germany Pushing Recession On Other Countries
                  4. Japan and Germany gaining monopoly control of auto industry 
                  5.  Toyota Ethics Questions Raise Ethics Questions About Japanese Government
                  6. Airline Mergers Threaten National Airline Sovereignty

                                        POLITICAL HEGEMONY POSTS

                  1. European Union Being Used to Takeover the National Sovereignty of European Nations
                  2. Germany and Japan's Goals for Increased European Integration Tied to Goals for Increased European Domination
                  3. National ID Cards a Control Measure
                  4. Can The Holocaust Happen Again
                  4. Anti Islam Immigration Ban
                  5. Hate Propaganda Unconstitutional

                                              MILITARY HEGEMONY POSTS

                 1. New Military Goals for Japan and Germany
                 2. What is Nato
                 3. U.S.-Japan Security Agreement a Threat to U.S. Security
                 4. Is the U.S. being set up for military involvement in other countries
                 5. U.S. Space Policy a Threat to National Defense
                 6. Military Privatization Problems 
                 7. War on Terrorism Reasons
                 8. Militia and Secession Actions Used to Destroy the U.S.

                                   SCIENTIFIC HEGEMONY AND RESEARCH POSTS

                   1. Climate Change Being Used Politically
                   2. Climate Change - Weather War
                   3. Scientific and Technological Research Threatening Humanity
                   4. Ethics of Stem Cell Research
                   5. Genetic Engineering a Threat to the Species